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Bob Brueckner

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11/04/12 09:34 PM #1    

Jim Livingstone



11/07/12 06:31 PM #2    

Marigene Beck (Allison)

Jim Livingstone sent us a message titled "Sad News" which said that Bob passed away recently and that we could share messages on the PHS Class of '60 website or directly to his family. 

As one of the tomboys in my class at Beach Elementary School, I really enjoyed playing with the boys and was totally "not-in" to girl things.  That being said, I was relegated to playing with the girls at school.

My brother was in a Cub Scout and then a Scout and participated in the Boy Scout Camporee in Redwood Regional Park. My dad was very involved in Scouting as well, teaching First Aid.  Therefore, my mom encouraged me to bring a friend along when we'd go to Redwood Regional Park.  No way was I taking any girl from my class.  My goal was to dam up Redwood Creek and Bob was my first choice of companion. I was thrilled when he accepted my invitation without hesitation. 

We spent the day basically living in the creek, turning over rocks and finding critters underneath. Dad reminded us not to remove them, just look and put them back.  Well most of them ended up in a slightly different place as we feverishly tried to dam up the creek by piling rock after rock across the stream. If you've ever tried it, you know it is impossible, but that didn't stop us from trying. I remember a lot of laughter. Soaking wet after we fell down (the first one down always made sure the other got completely wet too), we'd finally check out the Camporee, to see what the Scouts and Cub Scouts were actually doing.

When Bob couldn't go, I asked John Vanderlip instead. Needless to say, even though I wasn't in either of their circles in Junior or Senior High, I have fond memories of both of them when we were kids. Mucking about in streams, getting soaking wet, muddy and then having to go change into clean clothes before getting in the car for the return home was a bit like heaven and both Bob and John stand out as really cool friends outside of elementary school. Both Bob and John didn't quite ignore me on the playground after that or later on at Piedmont High

I don't know if Bob or John became a Boy Scout; my family moved from Fairmont Ave in Oakland to Woodland Way in Piedmont, so I "graduated" from Wildwood ES and lost track of Bob until Junior High when we'd out grown playing in the stream. I don't know if either of them fell in love with the outdoors because of our creek adventures, but I did.  I can only hope they did as well. They probably never knew the impact they had. It was okay for me to be a tomboy.  It was okay to get dirty and that early confirmation made it okay for me to rebel against the "girl things" and ride and show horses most of my life, become a Biology teacher that took kids on really wet or messy field trips, hike, camp, backpack, trek in Nepal, hike 172 miles in England and be a Sierra Club Inner City Outings leader for at risk kids in Baltimore and the San Francisco Bay Area

As a cancer survivor who has just lost a cousin to glioblastoma, I understand the hardship a family faces during the fight against cancer and then loss of a loved one.  I wish your family well, and I'm thankful that I got to spend what is now called "Quality Time" with your husband, father, uncle, brother, friend.

Marigene Beck Allison  - aka Mickey to my friends outside of Piedmont High

04/24/13 10:49 PM #3    

Hughes Crumpler

I had a chance to visit with Bob on one of my trips back to see my Aunt in Marrionville, MO before she passed away in 2000.  She and my uncle had lived in Joplin and Neosho, MO for all the years I was growing up, so I knew the area.  Since Bob had kept our class up to date on his activities I was able to locate him at the hospital.  It was a real suprise, I showed up out of the blue, he quickly ended a staff meeting he was holding  and we had a long visit.  Hashed out old times and caught up to date.

As always Bob was a true gentleman in every way, it was so good to see him but I did chide him a little for not making some reunions.  Bob looked great then, full of energy, dynamic personality for sure.

I got in touch with him again when the tornado devistated Joplin to make sure he and the family were alright.  It missed them but caught part of the hospital so he was very involved in the recovery.  Turned out we knew a mutual aquaintenance that I knew at the Naval Academy that retired there from the Navy.

I am really pleased with all the effort those of you still around Piedmont and the Bay Area put into keeping the class in touch and providing the resource that enabled me to contact Bob as I did. 

I thank you, so much.

Wm Hughes Crumpler 

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