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Bonnie Drewes (Stehr)

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10/22/21 03:21 PM #3    

James A. (Jim) Stehr

I'M STAGGERED!!!!!  WHAT A HORRIBLE BLOW and SUCH A DEEP, DEEP SADNESS!!!  Thanks, Matt, for getting this up on the class website.  As you might guess, I'm deeply involved with my sons' picking up the pieces.  That and my DEEP, DEEP SADNESS will keep this post very, very SHORT.  But I'll be back!!!  Just all please know that this grief I have not known since the loss of Don Bishopric!!!!  My DEAREST friend, as a senior at PHS.  Now, I'll cut a short close with the ONE WORD THAT CAPTURES HER:  HEART!!!  HUGE HEART!!! HEART BIGGER THAN ALL OUTDOORS!!  HEART WITH ROOM FOR EVERYONE!!!  HEART THAT RADIATED THE WARMTH OF A "BONFIRE," HER NICKNAME from THOSE MOST CLOSE!!!!  And HEART WITH ROOM FOR FORGIVENESS and ACCEPTANCE WITH LOVE, as SHE EXTENDED IT TO SHARON, her SUCCESSOR, BUT NOT HER REPLACEMENT!!!  All for now.  DAMMIT!!!!!  The word that's ringing loudest in my ears RIGHT NOW is "CARPE DIEM!!!! CARPE DIEM!!!!  CARPE DIEM!!!!  My love to you all!!!!  —JAS





10/23/21 10:53 AM #4    

Fran Bishopric (Wolfe)

Bons was one of a kind.  Her passing brought all of the pain of my twin's death to the surface.  We never get over these dear losses, but we do get past them.  I just hope that Bons and Don have found each other and are laughing at all of the good times we shared.  You are and will be missed for the rest of my life.

10/23/21 11:21 AM #5    

Louise Sherman (Neft)

She was wonderful. She truly cared about you and your family.  Her laugh and smile always made you do the same.   On be half of my entire family Bobbie will be in our hearts forever.  Louise

10/23/21 11:28 AM #6    

Louise Sherman (Neft)

I wasn't meaning to be funny. Bobbie was a misprint 

10/24/21 11:54 AM #7    

Sally Breakenridge (Kadell)

Bonnie moved up the street when we were four years old!  We shared wonderful "growing up" times in our neighborhood.  We affectionately called each other "our oldest friend"!  Growing up with her family was special to me.

As grown women we traveled together annually to some specially selected great place.  Her loving attitude and fun were always a wonderful to me and many others.  I miss her emails, Zoom mtgs and her fabulous spirit.

See you in heaven!

Love,   Sally "B"

10/24/21 04:07 PM #8    

Mary Ann Appenzellar (Hughes-Jones)

Good Bye Dear Friend,

A day did not go by that I didn't receive a text from Bonnie.  Whether it was just a thinking of you, what are doing today or this week (usually I was with her for one or more of those days), a little tidbit from her weekend or day, like I saw the best movie, had a great burger with the Burger Babes (a special group of friends) or Stanford had a great game or a bad one.  She loved to go to those games with Michael or Doug and meet with the player on her Grandfather's athletic scholarship fund.  We also had tickets to the Cal games.  

As Sherry said, Bons loved to travel. She would have plans several years in advance.  I was lucky to have shared many of those travels with her.

We met in the 3rd grade when I arrived at Haven's in January.  Three weeks later I was a guest at her birthday party and have celebrated almost every one since with her.  I was also lucky to have been very close to her parents sharing special times together, including being a guest on family vacations and special events.  We had Christmas Eve together for many, many years with her brother Doug and other friends who did not have family to be with.

We will miss this dear friend with the big HEART, as Jim said, her smiles, her fun, her curiosity, her fabulous entertaining and cooking, her love of family, and her love for the friends whom she cherished.

And I will miss her love of life that we shared together.

Love, Mary Ann

10/24/21 05:19 PM #9    

Suzie Townsend (Finney)

Bons was such a special friend to so many. She was truly the most most loyal friend one could ask for. I loved her boundless energry and sense of humor, so full of life and fun to be with. One of my favorite memories was when we were about 16. We were washing a car in her driveway on Bonita. Of course the radio was blasting and a new song came on "All You Have to Do is Dream", by the Everly Brothers. We couldn't wait to hear it again and by the time we finished washing the car, we knew all the words by heart. It instantly became our song. And still is. And oh! the fun we had during many Tahoe summers. 

I feel so blessed to have had Bonnie in my life and grateful that we had dinner together in September when I was in the Bay Area. Life is very precious. Who could have known that evening together would be our last. I love and miss you, dear friend.  Suzie

10/25/21 03:08 PM #10    

Ann Kohlmoos (Fathman)

Bonnie was an inspiration to all of us-her optimism, her energy, her love of life, her dedication to family and friends.  I feel fortunate to have been part of her life for so many years-as a neighbor, a student, a roommate, and a friend. She was a woman of action who was a super organizer, an avid supporter of sports, a cooking genius. She had time for anything and everyone. We face the loss of a classmate and friend, but have cherished memories of a vibrant life that touched so many of us.  Here's to Bons,   Ann

10/26/21 08:04 AM #11    

Deanna Thomas, D (Bain)

I was shocked to hear of Bonnie's passing.   She will be missed by all.  I was glad we both were able to attend  the reunion and see each other one last time. Life is short .  Deanna

11/05/21 03:35 PM #12    

Matt Lifschiz

  • Bonnie's obit

    Piedmont super mom Bonnie Stehr dies unexpectedly on October 11 Bonnie Stehr, who truly valued family and friendships above all else, passed away on October 11, 2021 at the age of 78. Bonnie took great pride in the accomplishments of her family, creating memories through a lifetime of summers at Lake Tahoe. She enjoyed every opportunity she had with her vast directory of friends that spanned classmates, business associates, and community members. She possessed a wonderful, endearing, and fun-loving spirit. She was always enthusiastic and eager to contribute, support and assist. She was an exemplary mother, grandmother, sibling and friend. Born in San Francisco, she was the daughter of Fred and Jean Drewes. She grew up in Piedmont and attended Piedmont High School. She went on to graduate from U.C. Berkeley where she was a proud alumnus and active member of the Pi Beta Phi sorority. Bonnie married her high school sweetheart, Jim, and eventually settled in Piedmont. A renowned cook, Bonnie leveraged her culinary skills to form Bonnie’s Cooking. Following her divorce from Jim, Bonnie embarked on an extremely successful 30-year career as an Account Manager with healthcare benefits company Sitzmann, Morris and Lavis. Following her retirement, she settled in her townhome in Hiller Highlands where she hosted or participated in numerous warm gatherings that included her multitude of friends and family. She thoroughly enjoyed travel, Cal and Stanford sports, and reveled in Town and Country Club events. Regardless of the activity, Bonnie had the ability to maintain a tremendous degree of positive energy that had a tangible effect on many. Her boundless capacity for love had her always willing to open her heart to others. She will be deeply missed by many. Bonnie is survived by her sons, Jim (wife Danya) and Michael (wife Maryanne), her 3 brothers, Michael (wife Barbara), John (wife Susette) and Doug, and her five grandchildren, Bennett, Clayton, Emily, Peter and Jack.

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